The SAIMM is a professional institute with local and international links aimed at assisting members source information about technological developments in the mining, metallurgical and related sectors.
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Full Name: Khauhelo Kennedy Mofokeng

Position: OIM Consulting, Business Improvement Analyst

What contribution do you see yourself making to the Young Professionals Council and the SAIMM?:

I am willing to contribute towards the growth and development of SAIMM YPC, specifically on a varsity level. I strongly believe that expanding the organization's presence within educational institutions is crucial for fostering the importance of metallurgical and mining engineering.

In 2019, I had the opportunity to work with Kodwana Band to initiate meetings with the varsity and the Head of Department (HOD) to establish a relationship between VUT (Vaal University of Technology) and YPC. This endeavour aimed to create awareness and understanding of the significance of metallurgy within the academic community.

Given my previous experience in establishing connections with educational institutions, my primary contribution would involve fostering relationships on a varsity level. By engaging with students, faculty, and relevant stakeholders, I will strive to ensure that the importance of metallurgy and its association with SAIMM YPC are recognized and understood.

I am eager to collaborate with SAIMM YPC to organize events, workshops, and presentations at the varsity level, thereby creating a platform for knowledge sharing and networking opportunities. By actively engaging with students and promoting the field of metallurgy, we can inspire young minds to pursue careers in this industry and strengthen the impact of SAIMM YPC within the academic sphere.

I am excited about the potential growth and future prospects of SAIMM YPC, and I am committed to making valuable contributions to support its objectives on a varsity level.

Interaction/activities that you currently participate in within the SAIMM (if applicable):



  • PGDip Eng Metallurgy (Wits)
  • Btech Eng Metallurgy (Vaal)
  • Green Belt Six Sigma
  • Production and Productivity Planning (SAAIF)
  • Data Science Certificate (UCT)

Brief career history:

Started my career in 2018 at Duvha Foundry as a student transitioning to a quality inspector
And now moved on to OIM Consulting as an improvement analyst in the mining industry

Date and place of birth:

1995/09/29 witshoek Freestate, Elizebeth Ross hospital

Social media links or information:

Khauhelo Kennedy Mofokeng | LinkedIn

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