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Full Name: Tatolo Lesedi Tatolo


What contribution do you see yourself making to the Young Professionals Council and the SAIMM?:

Helping others is as important part of my life and I believe young professional need it to have a proper footing in the industry so that they may develop confidence and cultivate their potential. It may be possible to tackle such an endeavour alone but having peers who have actual done and are living it jump-starts the journey. I would like to play that part in the YPC.

Interaction/activities that you currently participate in within the SAIMM (if applicable):

SAIMM Mentorship Program 2022


Bachelor of Engineering in Mining Engineering (BEng)

Diploma in Mining Engineering

Brief career history:

I am currently a graduate mining engineer on a 2-year development program at Morupule Coal Mine Ltd (MCM). I currently holds a Bachelor's of Engineering in Mining Engineering from the University of Botswana which I attained in 2019. During my studies at university successfully completed 5 months’ vacation work at BCL Limited (UG Base metal) and Debswana Jwaneng Mine (Open pit Precious stones) each. I believed myself to being well-grounded undergrad student participating in many activities including sports and volunteering. After graduation I was engaged by MCM in 2020 as Production Intern for operational experience grooming to get well acquainted with Mechanized Underground coal mining. I have a strong passion about mining, particularly for Drilling & Blasting and Mine planning disciplines. I aspires to achieve a Charted Professional(CP) and Competent Person (QP) status so as to Mentor new professionals and provide professional insight to all range tier mining companies.

Date and place of birth:\

26th of December 1996, Orapa (Central District)

Other industry body affiliations?

Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM)

What are your views on the 4th industrial revolution?

It has given us a quantum leap from our predecessor to express our ideas beyond limits in a spill second, re-making our world as we would like it to be. I believe we can achieve more in this chapter of human beings at the same time leaving our world in a state that is sustainable. I believe the hydrogen powered dump truck is just one of the many we are yet to see. With such tools at our disposal “Impossible” is fast becoming a thing of the past.

If you were a precious metal what would you be and why?

I would be Gold because and would then be a shining beacon of hope to young professionals still traversing challenges of unemployment or finding their way. To never give up, the reward for patience and perseverance is always within reach as is how thorough separation of gangue carried out to get to that naturally occurring lustrous metal and forever economic booster we boldly call “Gold.”

How do you think industry bodies such as the SAIMM can better equip young professionals such as yourself?

Professional Institutions such SAIMM give young professionals a sense of belongingness to the mining industry. This is important to ensure that they maximise their full potential with the guidance of seasoned professionals in field. This contributes to a continual passing-on of information from one generations to another, with strong regard of breaking down barriers that constrict growth through well written and peer review text on each undertaking.

How do you see young professionals making a significant change in the industry?

Young professionals come with new Ideas and new energy to the industry. This translates to experimentation of new solution that could revolutionise the way we do things to perhaps even much faster than expected. This helps accelerate projects and get more resources from industry to the market we there need is great.

What gets you up in the morning?

Passion of going to working doing what is love most, which is mining. All the people meet and interact with, the things I learn and a sense of duties to help things move along swiftly. Best part of my day is helping new employees get up to speed with the running things because I see that spark in their eyes that I had on my first day.

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