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Selo Ndlovu 03122022Full name(s) and surname:
Sehliselo (Selo) Ndlovu

  • Company:        University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
  • Designation:     Professor and DSI/NRF SARChI: Chair in Hydrometallurgy and Sustainable Development
  • Qualifications: PhD (Minerals Engineering); DIC in Hydrometallurgy, BSc( Hons) Metallurgical Engineering

Short professional biography

Sehliselo (Selo) Ndlovu is a Professor in the School of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her specialization is in extractive metallurgy in particular, mineral processing, hydrometallurgy, biohydrometallurgy and the treatment of industrial and metal bearing waste streams for metal recovery. She holds a Diploma of Imperial College (DIC) in Hydrometallurgy and a PhD in Minerals Engineering from Imperial College, London in the United Kingdom. She joined the Engineering faculty at Wits University in 2004 where she has since established a strong hydrometallurgical teaching and research base. She teaches at both undergraduate and postgraduate level and has delivered seminars and courses to delegates from mining and mineral processing companies all over Africa. She has trained over 40 PhD and MSc students and has published more than 60 journal papers, co-authored two books and contributed a few chapters to books in the field of extractive metallurgy. Selo currently holds a DSI/NRF funded SARChI research chair in Hydrometallurgy and Sustainable Development. Selo is also a Fellow member of SAIMM.


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