The SAIMM is a professional institute with local and international links aimed at assisting members source information about technological developments in the mining, metallurgical and related sectors.
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Updated October 2018


Delegation of Council duties

A1.1     In accordance with Clause 2 of the Constitution, the Council may delegate some or all of its duties and responsibilities related to membership to a Membership Committee.

A1.2     The Membership Committee shall be constituted annually and shall be chaired by the President and in his/her absence by his/her delegate, provided such delegate is a member of the Membership Committee.

Composition of Membership Committee

A1.3     The members of the Membership Committee shall be Corporate members of the Institute and shall have served at least one full term on the Council prior to being appointed to the Membership Committee, provided that the said full term took place within the last three (3) Presidential years.

Quorum for Membership Committee

A1.4     A quorum shall consist of five (5) Corporate members, of which a minimum of two are to meet in loco with a minimum of three (3) Corporate members allowed to participate via teleconferencing or such similar technology.

A1.5    The Council shall have the right to request a member of the Membership Committee to forfeit his/her position or to resign if there is proof of unacceptable behaviour and/or that he/she is unable to perform his/her duties.

A1.5.1    The Membership Committee shall discuss and agree on the process to remove a member of the Membership Committee in the absence of the affected member of the Membership Committee.
A1.5.2.   After consultation and engagement with the affected member of the Membership Committee, a request, in the form of a letter setting out the reasons for the recommendation, shall be submitted for consideration and finalisation to the Council.
A1.5.3    The Manager shall circulate the letter for consideration, comment and/or ratification to all members of the Council.
A1.5.4    Members of the Council shall be requested to approve or ratify this decision at the next meeting of the Council.



Honorary life Fellow

A2.1     An Honorary Life Fellow shall be a person whom the Institute specifically desires to honour in consideration of services rendered to the Institute, to science or to industry. Honorary Life Fellows shall have all the privileges of Corporate members.

A2.1.1    The election of an Honorary Life Fellow shall take place at a Council meeting; due notice having been given at the preceding Council meeting of the Council’s intention to nominate a person as an Honorary Life Fellow. The election shall require the majority vote of Corporate members of the Council present at a Council meeting.
A2.1.2    The election of an Honorary Life Fellow shall be announced at the following Annual General Meeting of the Institute.
A2.1.3    An Honorary Life Fellow will have all membership fees and subscriptions waived.



A2.2     A candidate for admission to or transfer into the category of Fellow shall:

A2.2.1    Have been a Member in good standing for five (5) years
A2.2.2    Have a minimum of ten years relevant industry experience since graduation;
A2.2.3    Have, the last five (5) years, been practising in a senior position in the business of mining or metallurgical firms, or in governmental, educational, or research or consultancy organizations concerned with mining or metallurgy; and
A2.2.4    Submit to the Council a detailed biography that contains:

  • Copies of all tertiary qualifications;
  • Details of the positions and roles that he/she has filled in the previous ten years;
  • Details of membership and activities with other professional organisations;
  • References to any papers, reports or articles that he/she has written or co- written;
  • Details of his/her continuous professional development; and
  • Details of any involvement with SAIMM;

                 The biography must be verified and supported by 2 (two) current Fellows of the SAIMM.

A2.2.5    Where a Fellow or equivalent of AusIMM, CIM, IOM3 or SME wishes to transfer to the SAIMM, clauses A2.2.2, A2.2.3 and A2.2.4 shall apply except that the biography in A2.2.4 shall be supported by two (2) Fellows of the professional organisation from which he or she is transferring



A2.3     A candidate for admission to or transfer into the category of Member shall:

A2.3.1    Be in possession of a tertiary qualification relevant to the minerals or associated industries;
A2.3.2    Have two (2) years relevant working experience post qualification; or
A2.3.3    Be in possession of a valid and relevant Government Certificate of Competence; and five (5) years working experience in the relevant minerals or associated industries; and
A2.3.4    Be practising in his/her profession at the time of his/her application; satisfy the Council that he/she is a fit person to become a Member, and the Council shall be satisfied that his/her qualification, training and technical experience justifies such professional status; and
A2.3.5    Has obtained the signatures of both the proposer and supporter of the application (the proposer and supporter must be either a Member or a Fellow of the Institute).

A2.4     Notwithstanding clause A.6, any person who applies for membership in terms of clause A2.3 as a direct result of attending a SAIMM conference, shall be exempt from membership fees until the end of the financial year in which the conference attended was held.


Retired Fellow and Member

A2.5     A retired Fellow or Member shall be a person who is at least sixty (60) years of age and who has bona fide retired from active business and has retained membership at a reduced subscription (as provided for in A6.1), providing he/she has been a member of the Institute for at least ten (10) years.




A3.1     Companies involved in or associated with the mining and metallurgical industries are eligible for admission to the category of Company Affiliate.



A3.2     Honorary Fellows shall be persons of distinction in public service, science, or the arts and shall be elected or re-elected by the Council for the current year. They shall enjoy all the privileges and rights of members, except those of holding office and voting.

A3.3     A candidate for admission into the category of Student shall:



A3.3.1    Be a person, in the third or further year of being educated or trained in a manner approved by the Council to occupy a technical position in or be associated with the minerals or metals industries.
A3.3.2    Confirm their eligibility to continue as a Student at the beginning of each academic year by submitting proof of registration at their applicable tertiary institution. Failure to submit proof of registration will result in the termination of their Student membership.
A3.3.3    Not remain a Student member after the end of the Institute’s financial year in which he/she attains the age of twenty-eight (28) years. The Council may relax the provisions of this clause in such individual cases as it considers appropriate.

A3.4    A candidate for admission into the category of Associate shall:



A3.4.1    Be at least eighteen (18) years of age; and
A3.4.2    Be involved in minerals and metals industry undertakings or in governmental, service, educational or research organisations concerned with those industries, but is not in a position to meet the requirements to be registered as a Corporate member;


Election or


A4.1    All applications for election or transfer to any category of membership shall be handled and processed in accordance with this By-law.

A4.2    The election or transfer of candidates to any category of membership of the

            Institute shall be actioned by the Membership Committee in accordance with clause 2 of the Constitution and A1 of this By-law.

Election of

Fellow, Member,


A4.3     A candidate for election to the Institute, other than Student, Associate, or Company Affiliate, shall be proposed and seconded by Corporate members who have personal knowledge of the candidate’s character, qualifications, and experience.

A4.3.1    The candidate shall forward his/her application to the Manager of the Institute on the application form as prescribed by the Council from time to time, duly completed in writing or electronically and accompanied by any prescribed supporting documents.
A4.3.2    The Manager shall list the names of all candidates for election, together with the relevant information, in a notice that is circulated to members.
A4.3.3   During the period of twenty-one (21) days from the date of such notice it shall be opportune for any members to communicate confidentially inwriting or electronically to the Manager, any information whatsoever which will assist the Council when considering the application.
A4.3.4   After the 21 days have lapsed the Membership Committee shall consider the applications of and any communications relative thereto and shall decide, in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and this By-law, the category of membership, to which a candidate is elected.
A4.3.5   A candidate shall be declared elected by a simple majority of the vote cast by the members of the Membership Committee at the meeting at which the application is submitted Membership shall commence from the date of election, subject to compliance by the candidate with the requirements as laid down in A4.3.

A4.4     A candidate for election as a Student member shall be recommended by a Corporate member or by a professor or a senior lecturer at the institution of tertiary education. The application shall be made on the prescribed application form for consideration by the Membership Committee.

A4.4.1   Each application shall be considered by the Council, which shall thereafter declare and approve the candidate elected.


A4.5    By-law A and sub-sections shall, mutatis mutandis, equally apply to a request for transfer by a member from one category of membership to another.



A4.6    In the event of a candidate’s application for membership being rejected, it shall not be incumbent upon the Council to give its reason for so doing.

Exemption in

respect of


A4.7    The Council may, in exceptional circumstances only, exercise its discretion in waiving the requirements of clause A4.3 as regards the required signatures of Corporate members if a candidate is prevented from obtaining the specified number of signatories for his/her application, either by reason of his/her place of residence or for any other valid reason beyond his/her control.

A4.7.1    In such instances, the candidate must assist the Council by submitting the names of suitable persons who can vouch for his/her character, qualifications, and experience and with whom the Membership Committee may communicate.

Company Affiliates

A4.8    A company that applies for election as a Company Affiliate shall apply on the prescribed application form, which requires details of the standing of the company and its association with the mining and metallurgical industries. The Council shall consider each application at the earliest opportunity and shall notify the company of its decision in writing.

A4.9    Notwithstanding clause A3.4, any person who attends an SAIMM conference, shall qualify for election as an Associate member if application is made at the conference and the application form is signed off by the respective Conference Convenor.

A4.9.1    Membership granted in terms of clause A4.9 shall be free of charge until the end of the financial year in which the conference was held.


Register of


A5.1    A register of the names, qualification(s) and relevant contact details of each member shall be kept as the Council may direct,


addresses and

serving of


A5.2    It is incumbent upon all members of the Institute to notify the Manager, in writing or electronically, of any changes of address or employer. If this is not done than the member shall be deemed to have waived service of any notices or copies of the Journal etc. and the onus of notification of non-service shall rest with the members. A notice in writing sent by registered letter to the address last registered with the Institute shall be deemed to have been duly served on the members. Any such non-service shall not exempt the members from the liability of all payments due by them to the Institute.

List of



A5.3    A list of all Company Affiliates shall be published in each edition of the Institute’s Journal.




A6.1     The Council shall decide membership subscriptions. A list of subscriptions shall be distributed to members and such list, as amended and circulated from time to time, will be published and maintained on the Institute’s web site.



A6.2     With the exception of Student members transferring to Associate, any member who applies for a transfer to the next level of membership shall not be charged for the increase in membership fee at the time of transfer. No transfer fee will be levied. The applicable membership fee will then be invoiced in the new financial year.

Payment of

fees and


A6.3     The first subscription shall, subject to Clause A4, be due on receipt by the candidate of the category of membership to which he/she has been elected. Such notice shall, subject to Clause A6.3.2, include advice of the amounts of the subscription(s) which must be paid before the election of the candidate can be confirmed.

A6.3.1    Payment of the amounts due must be made within one (1) month of the date of issue of the notice referred to in Clause A6.3. If payment is not made within the prescribed period, the application and election shall be deemed to have lapsed and the Council shall not reconsider any further application until at least six (6) months after the date by which the amounts due should have been paid.

A6.3.2   The Council may, on account of distance or other circumstances, extend the period of one (1) month prescribed in Clause A6.3.1.

Subscription due date

A6.4     All subscriptions shall become due on the first day of July in each year and shall be payable in advance.

Subscription: members over 60

A6.5     Fellows and members who are at least sixty (60) years of age and who have bona fide retired from active business may retain membership at a reduced subscription (as provided for in Clause A6.1) provided they have been a member for at least ten (10) years.


for part year

A6.6     Should a member be elected on a date other than 1 July, his/her subscription shall be determined on a pro-rata basis for the remainder of the current financial year.

A6.6.1    When a member is elected during the last month of the financial year, his/her first subscription shall cover the period to the end of the succeeding year.

A6.7    Should a member be transferred to another category after 1 July of the current financial year, he/she shall not be invoiced for the difference between the existing and future subscription. The new membership category fee shall be invoiced in the next financial year.

A6.7.1    Notwithstanding Clause A6.7 above, a member transferring from the membership category of Student to Associate shall be invoiced in full or pro-rata based on his/her election date.
A6.7.2    Should a member be transferred to the Retired category of membership, he/she shall not be entitled to a refund of subscriptions fees already paid for the current financial year. The appropriate membership fees shall be invoiced in the next financial year.


A6.8     A member whose annual subscription is unpaid after 31 December of any year shall cease to be in good standing and shall not be entitled to receive the notices, publications, or awards of the Institute nor to exercise any of the rights and privileges of membership.

A6.8.1   The membership of a member whose annual subscription remains unpaid for one year may, by resolution of the Council, be suspended and his/her name be removed from the membership register. The notice of this suspension shall be published by the Institute in the Journal and/or on the Institute website with the number of this By-law being quoted as the reason for such suspension. Notice to this effect shall be sent to the member in writing by the Manager at his/her last registered address, three (3) months prior to the intended date of suspension.

Reduction/ remission of


A6.8.2   Such suspension shall not relieve him/her from liability for the payment of any monies due by him/her, but any person whose membership has so ceased may, at the discretion of the Council and on payment of all outstanding fees due, be reinstated within one (1) year from the date of the resolution of the Council suspending him/her. Thereafter, he/she may be readmitted only on such conditions as the Council may decide.

A6.9     The Council may, in exceptional circumstances, reduce or remit the current or arrear subscriptions due by any member.