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Report | Region: Global | 58 Pages

The report provides an overview about the global mining industry through an ESG perspective. Qualitative insights on ESG trends and their impact on mining companies are provided. The report provides an analysis of the mining industry supply chain with respect to ESG, along with a discussion of regulation for the mining industry.

Report Includes

- 1 data tables and 11 additional tables
- A brief general outlook of the ESG trends in mining industry
- Detailed qualitative analysis of the global mining industry, analysis of several factors such as current trends in the ESG industry, growing regulatory guidelines, and historical trends
- Information on ESG-related case studies and an industry overview
- Insights into the recent industry structure, regulations and policies, and the vendor landscape of the market leading participants

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Executive Summary:

Over time, the idea of corporate sustainability has grown and added more components. It started as a solely environmentalist vision but has since expanded to include the personal, economic and cultural facets, becoming a holistic approach. The Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) parts of the sustainability concept have drawn more attention from the financial and investment sectors in this already complex situation.

Due to the evolution of ESG factors in finance, investors in the metals and mining industry are now looking to sustainable finance to find well-positioned mining companies with sustainably managed operations in line with a low-carbon profile that adequately offsets ESG externalities. The pre-project phases, such as the pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, are the optimal times to take ESG risks into account and determine how to manage them. Many of the long-term effects are now being fixed at these phases. It is possible to design problems when the right questions are asked about social and environmental repercussions and opportunities. Therefore, it is crucial to comprehend ESG developments while thinking about risk analysis and commercial strategy.

Numerous mining corporations have established aggressive corporate sustainability objectives, many of which seek to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 as the concern about climate change grows. However, the speed at which they arrive and the steepness of their trajectory in pursuing ESG goals will significantly influence their impact. Mining corporations are looking for speedier and more noticeable reform because recent environmental and social tragedies are still vivid in their minds

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